Day Four Of Democratic Convention: Joe Biden Meets His Moment In Nation’s History


The National Democratic Convention has concluded with the nominations of two strong and capable candidates as the standard-bearers of the party.  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will now undertake their task of winning the election.

As this week’s speeches and proceedings have played out I jotted a few notes at my desk about our presidential candidate and this time in our nation.  I believe that a man and a moment have met in a unique way.

Over the last four nights, we have again been presented with the background of the man we are asked to vote for in November.  We have heard of Biden’s boyhood and beginning points of his strong religious background.  We heard of his scrappy start in politics, along with his marriage and three children.  There was no way not to feel some of the weight of his pain as an auto crash claimed his wife and a daughter.  The way he conducted his life in the following years after the tragedy provides the best gauge as to how he operates under extreme pressure and duress.  His story is one that makes us sure of his character.  As I have said so often on this blog when it comes to presidential candidates, character matters. 

When pondering Biden’s preparedness and equilibrium for the Oval Office we have many of his past experiences to use when taking the measure of the man.  He comes through as a shining example of precisely the steely determination and steadiness a nation requires in a president.

Not every presidential race occurs in a time of national angst.  This year our nation has experienced an impeachment, a pandemic, the implosion of our economy, and then rocked by civil rights protests. In the lifetime of anyone reading this blog post, there is no other presidential election where the foundations of the nation were in such a precarious position during an election season.  1968 may come to mind for some, and yet even those events pale in terms of the enormity of what we now face.  As of this writing, nearly 173,000 Americans are dead from a virus that was not properly dealt with by our president and the federal government.

This year the Democratic candidate and this moment in our history have aligned.  There is no doubt that Bidens’s experience and leadership are in demand.  His skills and background meet at this juncture of our national events.

The third note I jotted this week is Biden’s desire and willingness to embrace the changes and reflect the dynamics now at play in our nation.  This decade presents a whole new array of forces and problems that are distinct and requiring new approaches to being resolved.  For instance, an attack on our energy grid is the most perplexing and demanding issue that rarely gets addressed, and yet is the modern problem that keeps security-minded folks awake at night.  Biden is adept at pulling in the brightest thinkers and also has a working knowledge of how to get recalcitrant members of Congress to lend a hand at heavy-lifting on legislation.

Though the modern world of new threats and anxieties will require forward-thinking in the next administration there is also no doubt we will also need to have a restoration of common sense and shared values.   Biden is best-suited of all the candidates this year to undertake this mission.  Being thoughtful, empathic, kind, caring, compassionate, level-headed, and sincere will again be traits that will win him a place in every home when the news is turned on in the evening.

A promising man and a nation in need have aligned. And so the campaign for our future begins in earnest.


Joe Biden, Kamala Harris