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Recalling Robbys Restaurants

August 21, 2020


My recollections regarding Robbys restaurants have bounced about this week.  With the pandemic, there is more time for the mind to wander and land on parts of the past that are not often thought about it.

Such as a place where eating in the back seat of the family car was something I considered a great deal of fun.  As a young kid, I was not aware that Robbys in Stevens Point was a chain of burger restaurants. What stood out to me was that we were able to eat a burger and fries in the car!  ( I know, how much more of a small-town feel can there be?) But that was something I loved.  I recall one evening eating in the backseat when it was dark and rain was pelting the car windows. A fond memory, indeed.

The photos on this page are ones I was able to scrounge off the internet and are not the location in the “Points” as my Grandma might say.  It would seem that the Stevens Point restaurant was located not so far from their high school.


I recall the rooflines and under them were yellowish lights that today I would describe as giving the place a glow and warmth.  As a boy, it was just fun to have our car pull into a parking stall.


There are places far and wide that our thoughts take us these days as so much of our normal routine is limited due to the virus.  We can lament that constriction of our lives or ponder about things long forgotten.

And so it goes.

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