Vile, Unconscionable Shooting In Kenosha

What took place in Kenosha Sunday afternoon is thy most vile, outlandish, offensive, and unconscionable behavior that I have yet seen coming from police officers.  And we have seen our share!

For those new to this planet in the past 36 hours, this matter deals with police shooting Jacob Blake, who had been trying to break up an argument between two women.  He then walks back toward his silver SUV, an officer trailing behind.  As three of Blake’s sons looked on from inside the vehicle, the officer fired seven times toward Blake’s back at close range.

It is simply the vilest and most disheartening and inhumane acts I have seen from police officers.  And over recent years, there has been much to see. 

So let me shuck the cob down to the niblets.

While it is important to listen to and obey the orders of police there is also a time when officers need to employ logic and reduce the level of the atmosphere themselves.  If there was any threat of him driving away, with many officers on the scene, it would have been easy to use a police car to physically stop any movement.  Blake was going away from the officers, and that is even proved as one officer pulls on the outer shirt Blake is wearing.

Then came seven bullets!








As Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes said the police shooting of a Black man by Kenosha officers “wasn’t an accident”.

“This wasn’t bad police work. This felt like some sort of vendetta taken out on a member of our community.”

Barnes is correct, as this looked like something a rigged police system in some third-rate country would use on some political dissidents.  It was a ghastly crime that these officers will need to be charged with and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

There have been too many–far too many–Black men shot by police officers and in the most absurd and shockingly disgusting ways.  Seven bullets!  In the back!

I have had more than enough of this, as has most of my fellow citizens.   And this comes from one who supports my local PD.  No one can condone this shooting in Kenosha!  Or should stay silent.  Enough is enough!

Seven shots fired in the back!