Kyle Rittenhouse Is White, Would Have Been Shot If Black

Kyle Rittenhouse, the dim-witted terrorist, Trump-supporting, and troubled 17-year-old was finally arrested earlier today in connection with shooting three protesters in Kenosha last night.  Two of the victims have died.


And this white thug did not, of course, legally own the AK-47, a weapon this blog has long advocated to be removed from further sales.  ⁣What type of piss-poor parenting allowed this gun to ever be handled by such a slice of trouble?

Since he was a caucasian and brandishing a military-type weapon he was allowed to wander about for hours in Kenosha in a very tense and troubling atmosphere.  The local police knew he was there but just gave this emotional rollercoaster a pass.

Then Rittenhouse murdered two men and maimed others. ⁣  The most bizarre part is that he then walked right past the police and drove himself to Illinois. ⁣

The events of last night are appalling for many reasons.  The carnage, the use of a military assault rifle,  and the ease of a white man to kill and walk away as police were there on the scene.

The shootings were captured in several videos posted on social media. Two of the victims – one of whom was shot in the head – have since died. Another was hospitalized.

In one video, Rittenhouse is seen running through a crowd of people in a street. One person appears to yell “That guy shot someone.” He trips and falls, and, as several people move close to him, he’s seen opening fire.

Directly following the second shooting, a group of police vehicles advances on the crowd. Rittenhouse walks toward them and can be seen alternately putting his hands up and touching his gun. As he approaches, the vehicles drive away and Rittenhouse gives them a slight wave.


A relative placed on her Facebook page a posting hours before the shooting from the white vigilante.  Her words reach out from the screen and speak for so many in our state, and the nation tonight.

I am so MAD!

I pray everyday, I volunteer, I attend rallys, I vote, I reach out to those in need and it feels like it’s not enough. I do not think violence or destruction are the answers, but I understand the frustration and anger.

I really cried today and I know that it’s ok. This stuff is so sad….. and it ain’t even about me. It’s about our country… the America Not So Beautiful!

And so it goes.