International Students Remain In Our Lives, Manzoor From Pakistan Writes

I have posted from time to time about not only the importance of international students coming to our state and country for diplomatic and educational reasons but also about the personal connections we made with truly engaging people from around the world.

So it comes as no surprise that we were pleased for an update from Manzoor, a friend in Pakistan who wrote a note and sent some photos.   The same kindness and intelligence I knew from his time in our home continue to shine through in the following letter.  It is with these connections that we share lives at great distances, but more importantly, recognize how much we are all the same no matter where we call home.2

I am excited that Gregory and you are doing well. I can understand that now we are not as independent as we used to be. Things have changed altogether all around the world but let’s hope that the hard times will over soon so that we could at least be able to meet friends and family openly and enjoy some travel.

I feel so very sorry about the loss of lives in the US. This is a very difficult time indeed for many families. No one might have anticipated about the pandemic and that the entire world would shut down. I think we should all take it positive and should learn from this time at least to prepare ourselves for any situation and to look after the needy fellows. 


Here in Pakistan, the death toll is not as high as in some other parts of the world but because of layoffs, people have suffered badly. The United States with its strong economy supports the companies and individuals to ensure the basic needs. We have a fragile economy but our prime minister is still trying hard to ensure possible support to organizations and families in dire need by providing some financial assistance.

My company has laid off 53% of employees so far and if it still gets worse, another phase of lay off will be considered. I have been retained so far.  


Our offices were closed since March 20 and I was planning to rush to Hunza. But one of my brothers suffering from kidney infection came here for a treatment and I had to stay back for one month. Meher and I spent about a month and half in Hunza, enjoyed the weather, fresh fruits, and family gatherings, and of course our video projects. She has already uploaded the video we made on a local bread made of some medicinal herbs.

I hope you will like it. We had plans to do more videos but she was called to report in her office and we had to rush. However, we are now planning to go back in August to complete other projects. 

Stay safe.



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