Humorous Writing Is Only Way To Take Trump White House Seriously

Each week I look to the wit and style of Maureen Dowd to put in context the absurd world in which we live.  This past week there was more than the usual level of crazy headlines as the Republican National Convention tried to tell us our ears and eyes over the past four years were wrong.  Donald Trump, they wish us to think, is just a diverse-loving guy who thinks women are not just sex-objects and Blacks, not just sports figures.

So it is important to turn to Dowd for the words and wisdom from the sober and sane element of the nation.  It only took readers to get to the third paragraph to know drinking coffee and reading her column at the same time would lead to changing shirts……true story here at my Madison home with the following phrase.

The night was so Borgia…

Yes, there she was, daddy’s little girl, on her imaginary escalator. The pungent aroma of the S.N.L. Ivanka perfume, “Complicit,” wafted across the lawn on the balmy night. All the dynamics that make Donald Trump’s administration, and the way he runs the country, so chaotic — the backbiting, the warring factions, the grifting, the neglect, the power grabs — were echoed in the family portrait on display this past week.

The most dramatic tableau Thursday night was not the president’s somniferous speech, but Ivanka’s scorching moment with the Day-Glo-garbed Melania.

The entire piece is simply delightful.