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Another Reason Internationally Proves Why Joe Biden Must Be Elected President

September 1, 2020

Yet again I call the attention of my readers to a glaring example of why there must be new leadership for the United States.  The reason I present today as to why we must elect a new president has a global impact.  I have repeatedly posted about international problems that have resulted from our nation’s failure to lead from Washington.

Such is the case this time with Greece and Turkey.

At the core of the crisis, as in so many other dangerous squabbles around the globe, is energy — specifically the rich gas deposits discovered over the past decade under the eastern Mediterranean. Greece claims that its many islands in that region give it sole drilling rights in the waters around them, a stance broadly supported by international law. But Turkey, feeling hemmed in, says otherwise, and it has sent ships, accompanied by warships, to explore for gas off Cyprus.

But the embarrassing part of this editorial for our country, and the sad result for the world, has to do with the severe shortcoming of a man who sits in the Oval Office and refuses to become educated about the world and our role in it.

It also seems bizarre for Mediterranean and European countries to be plunged into extraneous tensions when there are so many serious crises to keep them busy, including the economy, the pandemic, the political suspense in the United States, the street clashes in Belarus and Russia’s threat to intervene in Belarus.

In an earlier era, the United States would have stepped in to separate feuding NATO partners, as it did when Greece and Turkey almost went to war in 1996. President Trump did make a call to Mr. Erdogan urging him to negotiate, but that had no effect — the United States under the Trump administration is not regarded as a viable go-between, especially with Mr. Trump in campaign mode. Britain, too, has retreated from European affairs now that it is out of the European Union. The union also lacks leverage over Turkey, since it has become evident that Turkey under Mr. Erdogan, despite its status as a candidate for membership, has no chance of joining the union.

An internationalist view is not one that Trump’s base has an understanding about, nor any desire to learn.  The rest of our nation must therefore be the engaged and active portion of our republic that again makes sure our nation asserts leadership on the world stage.  We have to again have a solid and informed leader elected as president in November.

Joe Biden.

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