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Madison’s Marquette Neighborhood Assoc. Called Out For Promoting Reckless Behavior

September 9, 2020

After finishing watching a local 6 PM newscast it was clear a message needs to given about the actions of the local neighborhood association as they press forward with local garage sales this weekend.

Officials with Public Health Madison & Dane County are warning people who live or work in the downtown area to monitor themselves for coronavirus symptoms due to a large concentration of new COVID-19 cases in the area. More bluntly new COVID-19 cases are especially concentrated in the downtown Madison area so much so that if you live or work in the area, you should assume you were exposed to COVID-19 and monitor yourself for symptoms.

So how does the months-long pandemic that we are all aware of, and the new warnings today, square with the push to have a neighborhood garage sale on September 12th.

To be frank, I  was taken aback several weeks ago when first learning the Marquette Neighborhood Association was encouraging these sales. I told someone on the phone about what I had read, and was told I had to be mistaken, as the MNA would not possibly sanction such irresponsible behavior.  But just this week I read where a board member was still collecting names of those who wished to have such a sale!   There is no way to come to any rational explanation for such reckless promotion of these sales during a time of not only a pandemic but also the warnings today from public health about the situation in the heart of our city.

Looking for leadership is hard to find these days be it from this White House to the local neighborhood association.  So whoever has the ability to talk and attempt to reason with those who place so many at a health danger are encouraged to help make this all stop.  The sales are not in the best interest of the community at large.   That we need to even press this point in a post underscores what we need most….effective leadership!

And so it goes.

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