Changes In Pages Of Wisconsin State Journal Not Pleasing

It comes as no surprise that when the layout to a newspaper changes there will be comments made by subscribers and readers. Those who faithfully pick up the paper each day wish to keep the ‘feel’ of the paper as recognizable as the coffee mug or spouse’s face at the other side of the kitchen table. So it should come as no great surprise that I make comment on the changes to the pages of the Wisconsin State Journal.

I like to have distinct sections of the paper, so did not take to a business page being located on the last page of the first section, any better than to find national and world news located in the Forum section. Not to have all the ‘solid news’ in the first section seems to trivialize those events to a ‘less important’ section of the paper.

No doubt some consultants who see themselves as able to discern the best look for a paper pushed their ideas to a publisher wishing not to lose more traction of print in this digital age. How these changes blunt that trend is lost on this newspaper reader. But here is a crazy thought from a decades-long subscriber. How about the money spent on consultants instead having been used to hire another reporter so to more completely cover the city and county?

Having read newspapers since a teenager means I am not being snarky about the local paper, or considering ending my subscription but rather underscoring how personal readers care about something we value. I simply do not believe consultants care about the same things I do when picking up a newspaper. That is why it is imperative a publisher does.

And so it goes.