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Today I Voted In Madison For Joe Biden For President

September 17, 2020

In a long-sleeved shirt as it is cooler today, the one featuring my hometown of Hancock, Wisconsin where I cast my first ballot in Nov. 1980, I cast my ballot for Joe Biden for our next president. I did so in our home office surrounded with our books.

On the upper left of my shirt is my “I Voted” sticker as my mail-in ballot arrived today in Madison. James also balloted today and we will drive our ballots to a collection box just a few blocks away to deposit it.

In 1980 I voted with dad ‘back home’, and as we came out of the polling place Leslie Wetmore was coming in, and he gave me a thumbs up for voting. I did not say to him that nothing under the sun could have deterred me from that balloting, but his smile was nice all the same.

I am trusting all of you cast your ballot, and in this time of pandemic ask for a mail-in ballot now and cast it soon.

I conclude this post with the other fond memory from that night as mom had dinner ready when we arrived home and then we all settled in with Walter Cronkite for Election Night.

Now onwards to victory in November for the nation!

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