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Honoring Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

September 18, 2020

Tonight the nation is very sad upon learning the news that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died from cancer. The news hit this blogger’s desk like a rock. She was so much a part of the nation that it feels as if we lost a member of the family. I suspect many others feel the same. Her career and judicial reasoning remains a powerful inspiration to women and liberals who care about the forward movement of society. Ginsburg’s story from start to finish showcases what a beacon of light for human rights looks like when it is never placed aside, or cast down, but always lifted up to present the way to the next step in our progress.

The countless offshoots to this story as the timing of her death and the unprecedented events of our time, as evidenced by the past months, means this loss will also factor into the future of our democracy. That is more than a weighty sentence on a blog post. Think about it. It was not hardly an hour after the announcement of her death before Senate Majority Leader McConnell was licking his chops in public over her replacement. Being repulsive looks even more harsh in contrast to the woman who we honor tonight. That too, is something to ponder.

Several years ago I was able to spend hours walking at Arlington National Cemetery. The place where Ginsburg’s husband is buried caught my attention and tonight that picture is placed here on this post as we honor her life. It has a restful tone and might I add with a 360 degree perspective, a mighty view of the city.

The nation wishes her Godspeed.


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