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Donald Trump Being Empathetic Upon Hearing News Of Justice Ginsburg’s Death

September 19, 2020

I saw something Friday night that made me hit the replay—-several times. And it might surprise my readers of all political stripes the reason for my reaction was due to something I have not seen before when it comes to Donald Trump. For the first time in his term as president the words, look on his face, and movement of his eyes all appeared to be in the moment and sincere. I do not say that in a snarky way, but rather from one who watches the body language of politicians and what I witnessed was very different from how Trump normally acts.

As Trump was leaving a political rally in Minnesota he walks to the gathered press where one of them says Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg died. It was his facial reaction and words that allowed–at least from the vantage point of this blogger’s desk–for some empathy to flow from him. It caught me off-guard just as much as the news of the iconic justice’s death caught him unprepared.

These are the moments why it is always important to have the working press and the pool reporters to be with a president. What was caught for the nation to see is not something we have witnessed over the past four years from Trump. History now has a moment of empathy from this man.

And we should truly welcome that news.

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