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Most Divisive Member Of MNA Board Resigns

September 22, 2020

There was a sign today that perhaps some degree of normalcy can again be found at a time in our city, state, and nation when choas and deliberate undermining of established norms seems to be the rule. It was announced today that Marquette Neighborhood Association Board member Lynn Lee is resigning from MNA as of the annual meeting.

My desire for a more open and transparent process with how the Board needed to operate was very much different from how Lee viewed his elected duties. I had pressed the Board, during the terms when Lee was president, to create a cleaner, more open, and transparent process of conducting business.  For instance, I wrote on the public list-serv in our neighborhood that the vote tallies for the annual meeting should be made public.  Lee, in one of his usual defensive modes, stated that no such data would be made public.  The vote totals from ballots cast by the dues-paying members would be kept secret.

I had also urged that the votes cast by Board members during monthly board meetings be tallied and made public. Crickets….

In 2019 Lee was defeated for his bid to remain on the Board. But with machinations that would make an autocrat proud he was appointed to the new Board. 

Over the years this neighborhood has witnessed the norms, practices, and standards of the MNA Board continually lowered, to the point there is a loss of faith in the organization, and open derision and scorn of some of the sitting members. The list-serv is proof of the feelings of many in the association. That is a very sad outcome.

I am truly hoping with the news of Lee’s departure that this can be a stepping stone for needed reforms and a renewal of purpose and shared community spirit within this organization.

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