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Standing With Gov. Evers On Statewide Mask Mandate

September 22, 2020

Today the correct decision was made by Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers when he ordered an extension of his mask mandate while declaring a new public health emergency due to the stiff upticks regarding COVID-19 cases. The orders are in place for 60 days.

While there are certain to be the usual cries for “Free-Dumb” from the slow-learners in the state who thought the virus was a “hoax’ and just something the media wanted to scare people about, the majority of state residents understand the gravity of the virus and the need to have public health measures put in place. The data point to the main source of the problems at this time, and where the cases are coming from in such alarming numbers.

As students headed back to school and more social gatherings increased in number–such as the ridiculous Portage County Fair over Labor Day weekend–the caseload among those 18-24 across the state reported 23,990 cases by September 13th.

To put that in context with the week before that was 2,842 more cases. The state also reported that the demographic has a case rate five times higher than any other age group with 43.9 cases per 1,000 people.

But let us put the data in line with some pure common sense.

I have heard my fill from conservatives who profess their faith in Christ at the drop of a hat and prattle endlessly about their principles and a need not be restrained by the state. They will pray and shout about being pro-life and give you the idea they actually care about life. They wear seatbelts, abide by the rules of the road, get driver’s licenses, and will not smoke in public places. But ask them to help limit a deadly pandemic and be prepared to hear that is more than they can muster! A mask for them is a bridge too far.

There is no logic for that crowd, but to the majority of reasoned folks in this state, the logical public health order from Evers is very sensible. If we desire to have a business open, in-person learning, faith in our ability to go out, and just participate at the margins of society and not feel threatened by a virus then it is incumbent upon each of us to wear a mask.

Wearing a mask has been demonstrated to lower the risk of spreading COVID-19 by 80%. As we enter the hail-storm of a fall and winter with the virus and also the flu the least we can do is be mindful of facts, professional advice—and yes, professionals matter—but also be kind to each other. By wearing a mask we say that we are part of a shared community experience.

By refusing to wear a mask another statement is made. It is a narrow-minded and uneducated statement that rivals that of the one worn on their red-hats.

And so it goes.

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