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Republican Hubris Over Supreme Court Opening

September 26, 2020

The Republican partisan strike on the Supreme Court, and in so doing, the weaponizing of the judiciary, is most troubling. The words from Senate Majority Leader McConnell in 2016 that “people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme court justice” were discarded fast when raw power was unleashed. For those who are true conservatives the irony of Republican actions and their stated principles are obvious.

What is most concerning for those who care about the process of governing and the needs of the nation can be found in the data. That damn historical data!

Over the past 28 years–or to put that into the lingo of politicos–seven presidential election cycles–Republican presidential candidates have won the popular vote only once. Yet those white men have appointed six of the nine justices.

That is troubling and dismaying but even more so when considering the additional component of the placement of a justice on the high court being done with a senate that has a minority of Democrats which account for about 15 million more Americans than the GOP majority.

That GOP majority will cast the votes for the conservative nominee against a vastly changing nation demographically, socially and culturally. Placing a dreadfully conservative jurist on the bench without regard for a living Constitution is a slap on the face of democracy. The nation is far removed from the baby factory that has been nominated as a jurist.

No other court nominee has been considered by the Senate this close to an election. It is folly and pure hubris for Republicans to think their actions now conforms to the needs of the nation, or in any way squares with what true conservatism espouses.

But then again today’s Republican Party is not about principles, it is all about power.

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