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National Coffee Day With A Touch Of History

September 29, 2020

Today is one of the fun events to participate in–though for most of us our ritual with the namesake of the day will be much like yesterday or what follows tomorrow. Because when it comes to life one of the daily pleasures is making a pot of coffee, smelling the rich aroma fill the kitchen, selecting a mug, and then filling it up. Repeatedly.

National Coffee Day is being celebrated today in the United States and International Coffee Day is October 1st. Wherever you may live, and this blog has daily readers worldwide, I fill a cup with you!!

My days of loving coffee started when I would go to my grandparents across the road from where I lived as a boy.  Grandpa would snack before doing afternoon chores, and since I wanted to help throw the corn to the pigs I would sit at Grandma’s table and ask for some of the coffee that was being served.  I wanted to be like the adults, and so in a cup that was far more milk than the coffee, I had my first java experience.  Grandma always told me coffee would stunt my growth but in time the ratio of coffee to milk soon ran more in my favor and in time I was drinking it black.

Meanwhile, at home my parents had a glass percolator maker that had a metal insert for the grounds.  Regardless of the type of maker or where the cup was served one thing was always constant in my life about coffee.  The best conversations and memories have often surrounded drinking a mug of coffee.

And with our conversation about coffee, and given my desire to put some history into this day, I offer the following nugget.

The ever-charging President Teddy Roosevelt was a voracious coffee drinker. That might be a part of the reason he was always so animated, though his character and resolve played the central parts to his robust personality. It was in 1907 when TR was drinking coffee at the Hermitage, a famous Nashville resort that was originally Andrew Jackson’s home, that a quote became part of our national lore. While drinking Maxwell House TR stated it was Good to the Last Drop.

From there the advertising world took over and the imagery started for this brand of coffee.

I made coffee this morning with a choice based on the cool seasonal temps. If you have not made your cup…..get up now and head to the kitchen and celebrate National Coffee Day!

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