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Happy 96th Birthday To President Jimmy Carter

October 1, 2020

The fact is clear. There is simply no Ex-POTUS who has conducted himself with more honor and complete decency than James Earl Carter. He has been out of office for 40 years, and every day has been an example of what an American should be. On this, his 96th Birthday Caffeinated Politics shouts out Happy Birthday President Carter!

For decades I have known the main lesson Carter has allowed us all to learn is the one that starts the night of his election loss in 1980.  There are few who know the mental and emotional anguish which follow such a national event.  Carter surely had a long stretch of coming to terms with the loss of the presidency.

But Carter then emerged from his defeat to follow his passions with the Carter Center which allowed him to fight for the issues and pursue his goals on an international stage.  In so doing he showed the path to fulfillment and happiness did not take place in corporate board rooms where making money is central to all actions, but rather in human connections where lives are positively changed.

As Carter ages, he has not withdrawn but rather embraces life and uses his more fragile body as a means of demonstrating where his true strength lies.  Truly a most impressive man.  

He continues to be a tonic for our national soul.

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