Am Offended By Trump Statement “Don’t Be Afraid Of Covid”

As an American, as a human being, I am offended by the words of Donald Trump who so cavalierly stated, “Don’t be afraid of COVID.” I am offended by his words because Wisconsin set a new record of 714 COVID-19 hospitalizations this weekend. We have had a week of record-breaking number of new cases, from all demographics, with a very noticeable increase in rural counties.

Like so many other people across the state of Wisconsin, like so many other homes across this country, James and I have abided by the rules of the road during this pandemic. We have altered our lifestyle of having friends over for meals at our dinner table or sharing conversation over coffee and wine on our front lawn. Since March we have not been to movies, shopped in any stores, put off eye appointments, and teeth cleanings.

We did this not only for the safety of ourselves but also for the greater good of the community. Needless to say, it has not always been fun but we have always been steadfast in our resolve to act responsibly.

So it is absolutely offensive to hear Donald Trump state that COVID is nothing to be afraid of, as it leaves the nation stunned. It was a most ignorant statement, from a most ignorant man. The scores of people who work in the medical profession are left wondering what in hell is wrong with this man!

Trump had a helicopter take him from the White House to a suite of rooms at Walter Reed. He was able to leap-frog over the process so to have certain medications provided that the rest of us would not have available should the need arise. He had a team of doctors and partisan hacks bow to his every whim. When he got bored he demanded that he be taken on a ride while still infectious! So for him to say COVID is nothing to fear is offensive.

It’s offensive because he is medically incorrect as he is too illiterate and ignorant to understand the gravity of the situation, not only for himself, but more importantly for the millions of people in this country who have been infected. Too many of our fellow citizens have become seriously ill, and too many others have died as a result of his callousness, lack of leadership, and his inability to understand the predicament that this nation faces.

I am not the only one who has pointed out the egotistical, narcissistic, shallow, self-centered, and immoral nature of Donald Trump. I have made many arguments, as have countless others over the last four years, as to why he is a contemptible human being. But perhaps nothing more illustrates that point than his words, “”Don’t Be Afraid Of Covid.”. It is shocking. It is sad. But in the end, it is all too self-revealing about a person who has no regard for anyone other than himself.

Just one more reason why this nation must lift itself up and remove this stain from the White House. The stain is Donald Trump.