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Honoring The Deceased (Part Two)

October 7, 2020

In light of my post about the need for an obituary to be written and published for the deceased comes the following note from a long-time reader at Caffeinated Politics.

Since my Mom died in Oct. 88, my family has gotten together around this time for a mass at the Catholic mausoleum chapel in Allouez.  We ran out of retired priests to say mass so in recent years we’d just get together there and take the Day of the Dead tour.  In recent years my sister who is active in the Unity Church in Minneapolis has prepared a program of readings.  Unity is kind of a new age Unitarian church.

This year of course, we can’t get together so we are exchanging poems, readings and remembrances via email.

This poem (below) was written by my Mom.  When I was working in Madison I found a book of poems entitled Queen Anne’s Lace.  She got inspired and re-discovered some old poems she had written as a teenager, when she couldn’t go to high school. 

She also wrote more poems as an adult.  She put together a book and self-published

And then with the message came the poem from his Mom. Just more affirmation about honoring those who are not here anymore, but never forgotten.

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