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Facebook Correct To Toughen Up On Election Slime

October 8, 2020

Facebook can be a grand place to connect with people from years ago, share photos, and chat about life. It can also be a cesspool of trolls and Russian thugs who wish to undermine our democracy. It is for that reason I am very pleased with the decisions about how to combat what is surely to be a burly and bombastic election process in our nation in less than a month.

Facebook has announced they will temporarily halt all political ads on its platform after the polls close on election night in our country. At a time when the lowest elements from within our border, and those who wish to attack our political institutions from around the world, are running wild it is appropriate Facebook place some safeguards into their system.

For too long the sliming of our electoral process has met with approval by Donald Trump and his Republican congressional allies. The manipulation of our elections with false information by foreign players and national intriguers has only one aim in mind. They wish to influence the result, but as a nation we must not allow that to happen.

Facebook has not been praised on this blog, as I often find their moves to be less than what the times demand, and lagging behind a thinly veiled cloth that desires to play under the radar so not to anger congress. Their lack of spine when it comes to allowing many political ads that crash through the facts has been most disconcerting to this blogger. So when I do offer some praise to Facebook, it is sincere.

Facebook says advertisers can expect this announced ban to last for a week, although the timeline is subject to change. We know that Trump will do anything under the sun to prevail, in spite of reason and elections laws. That is why I am pleased that the ad halt will stop candidates, campaigns, advocacy groups and political advertisers from stirring a partisan pot that will already be boiling in our nation.

Facebook had previously announced that it would not allow new political ads to run starting seven days prior to the election. That, too, is an appropriate action, as is any move that will stop or limit the placement of ads that seek to delegitimize the results of the election.

Our democracy is at stake, and therefore the actions from Facebook and others who control the levers of social media are vital. All must rise to the occasion and do their jobs.

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