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Trump Pouts After Debate Commission Puts Health Needs Above Politics

October 8, 2020

It is a continual troubling image for the nation when Republicans place their own desires and whims above the health of the nation during a pandemic. But that is precisely what has happened once again. It also undercuts their ‘pro-life’ messaging.

Donald Trump started his mean-spirited day by saying he’s “not going to do a virtual debate” after the independent commission that runs the debates announced that the second presidential debate, which had been scheduled for October 15th in Miami would be virtual. The move would mean the candidates and the town hall participants would be in separate, remote locations.

The commission made that move for good reason. Trump became infected with COVID-19, has acted outrageously and unsafely since being infected, and therefore the need for mature leadership was most evident by those in charge of the debate.

The debate commission said the decision to change the format was made “to protect the health and safety of all involved.” That is a medically wise move. And it is a moral, one, too.

For all the blather that Republicans give about being ‘pro-life’ they do not act out on their convictions when pressed to live by examples. The short-sighted and truly reprehensible manner in which Trump has conducted himself during his infection is a lesson for parents when instructing their sick children how not to act!

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