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Character In Bygone Washington

October 10, 2020

During breakfast, I was watching an author interview on C-SPAN and it struck me how far removed our present situation in Washington is from how politicians once acted. Just in our lifetimes the decline is very pronounced.

Journalists Peter Baker and Susan Glasser have teamed up to write a new book about James A. Baker III, one of the prime movers and shakers in the nation. Peter Baker related a discovery during his research that proves the point about the lowering of standards and character during the Donald Trump term.

James Baker had kept a file of memos over the decades noting whenever anyone had requested that he do something that ran close to, or over the ethical and legal boundaries. The New York Times reporter found the file and read that late in the 1992 presidential campaign four Republican congressmen asked President George H. W. Bush and James Baker to get in touch with both Britain and Russia to find out if there was any ‘dirt’ to be found about Bill Clinton, the Democratic nominee.

Bush and Baker both responded this is not what happens in America. This nation does not ask other nations to weigh into our domestic elections. That we even need to contrast and compare foreign nations, candidates for high office, and our elections alerts us all to how far we have fallen since 2015. Trump has dirtied the nation severely.

The boundaries of proper conduct and ethical behavior are so far removed from what we see, hear, and read from this present White House that it leaves us in dismay and filled with anger. The antidote for those justified feelings is to vote and make sure it is done early this year.

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