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Join Me In Saving Our Republic In 2020

October 11, 2020

Join me in registering to vote, requesting a ballot, filling it out, and mailing it in early! This is a most unusual year and due to these trying times your participation in our election process is more important than any other in our lifetime.

I recall my very first time to vote on November 4, 1980. Though President Carter lost that year despite my support, the memory of going with my dad to the polls in Hancock, Wisconsin after he got off work will always be treasured. One of his fellow workers, Leslie Wetmore, gave me the thumbs up for casting a ballot. They both came from a generation of proud service in World War II, and liked to see young people fulfilling their civic responsibility. I have not missed a single vote since.

I know some have sullied elections with antics, slurs, outbursts, and absurd amounts of money, but no one is going to deny me the pleasure of reveling in an American moment, and one that is my responsibility. And it is your responsibility, too.

After all, Election Day is important. It is a grand tradition.

It is for me.

Hopefully, for you too.

Now do your duty and let us save our republic.

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