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Savannah Guthrie: A Strong Woman Armed With Facts And Truth

October 16, 2020

When facts and truth are presented in a presidential town hall the nation wins. Savannah Guthrie came to the presidential town hall program prepared to do the work of a reporter. That is all anyone should ask, or expect. And she delivered.

I was very troubled by NBC News allowing Donald Trump airtime on ‘debate night’, given his campaign had torpedoed the commission’s plans to hold one in a safe manner during the pandemic. But I was pleased how Guthrie made sure the program was balanced with facts.

At one point, after pushing Trump on his retweet of a QAnon-linked conspiracy theory, Guthrie said, “I don’t get that. You’re the president. You’re not like someone’s crazy uncle who can just retweet whatever.”

When Trump said he wasn’t familiar with QAnon, Guthrie said “you do know,” to which he replied: “No, I don’t know. You tell me all about it. Let’s waste the whole show. Let’s go. Keep asking me these questions.”

After questioning him about his frequent claims of election fraud, Guthrie told him, “There is no evidence of widespread fraud, and you are sowing doubt in our democracy.”

Guthrie pointed out that Trump was referring to anecdotal reports, adding, “Your own FBI director said there’s no evidence of widespread fraud.”

Numerous studies have debunked the notion that there is substantial, widespread voter fraud in American elections, whether those elections are conducted predominantly by mail or otherwise.

When Trump said he couldn’t release his taxes because he’s “under audit,” Guthrie repeatedly countered by saying, “You aren’t.”

Trump also tried to lie his way around the talks over another needed coronavirus stimulus package for the American people. He tried to put the blame on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. That is, of course, false.

Trump has been all over the map on this issue. So much so that he is not even aligned with his own top administration officials or Senate Republicans. The latter is just not interested in giving Trump the big deal he says he now wants.

For the record Pelosi’s Democratic-led House passed a $3.4 trillion HEROES Act in May, which Senate Republicans rejected. Extended negotiations stumbled along at which time the Trump administration officials sought to cut the price tag to about $1 trillion. That of course does not meet the needs of state and local governments which are sinking under the weight of a pandemic which has not had any national coordination to stop.

On October 6th Trump abruptly ordered an end to negotiations and told Republicans to focus on the Supreme Court vacancy. Days later, after the stock market reacted negatively, he shifted again and pleaded for a big stimulus deal.

All over the map with his lies and in about 18 days the voters will kick Trump out of the White House.

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