Johnny Bush Dies, Still Sings On My MP3 Player

As I concluded the needed tasks this week so to prepare the flower beds, trees, and lawn for the winter season I had my mp3 player pumping music. I own two of them so that one is always charged and ready to accompany me with the tasks ahead. And on each one there are songs by Johnny Bush. From the classic country-side of your blogger and my past radio days comes the sad news of his death.

The singer and songwriter known for his distinctive operatic voice and for writing the top-10 hit “Whiskey River,” died at age 85. His start has one of those perfectly nostalgic feelings as an uncle who hosted a radio program on Houston’s KTHT-AM encouraged Bush and his brother to perform on the air. So many of the classic country music stars had a radio component to their initial start in the business.

In his later years, Bush was asked whether he’d retire after a remarkable career that spanned decades.

“Retire from what? Breathing?” he asked rhetorically. “People only retire from jobs they hate. Performing is not a job-it’s what I do and what I love.”

When it comes to selecting a song that gives a true feel for the range, tone, and feel of Bush’s voice this is the one I feel does it perfectly.