Stop Undermining Faith In CDC, Medical Professionals

To a very large degree, this home has viewed the pandemic from a distance. We have followed the medical advice to stay home much of the time, wear masks when we pick up groceries, social distance if we see others on our walks, and have not shopped in any brick-and-mortar store since March. We even had our annual flu shots outside in a drive-thru option where I put the convertible top down and rolled up my shirt sleeve. So it comes as no surprise that I watch the actions of the government, my fellow citizens, and follow the news of medical professionals with deep interest. In short, apart from so many who pretend that all is normal and act without regard to science and facts, this home has actually abided by the mandates and requests. So when I write of a yearning for a meal at my favorite restaurant, I MEAEN IT. (Though my James is a chef at heart.)

I know the only way forward with my yearning, and also for the millions of others who act as we do and share my desire to head out for a meal, is to have people first and foremost understand our medical professionals provide accurate information and guidance. What they say needs to be heard and heeded. In addition, before the economy can percolate and get more unemployed workers rehired there will need to be a vaccine that works and is taken by a large majority of the populace. Without trust the virus is stemmed means no business can think they have profits returning.

But too many in the nation do not trust facts due to the Trump White House continually undermining truth and science. Others see the chicanery that this administration is doing to win an election; steering institutions that need to have the public’s faith instead reduced into creating politicized outcomes.

With that as an opening, it comes as no surprise of my deep regret to learn that the Trump White House installed two political operatives at the nation’s top public health agency to try to control the information it releases about the coronavirus pandemic. It is nothing more than an updated narrative to a Potemkin village. If the data will not meet the needs of the Republican nominee for president let’s just paint a positive outlook and call it a day!

It was reported the Trump Administration placed two appointees with no public health background to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Atlanta headquarters. The obvious reason for those placements run in the opposite direction to the needs of the nation during a pandemic. To censure and stifle actual doctors and professionals while manipulating data so to spin and create a false narrative to aid Trump is more than despicable.

It is deadly.

The fact is a person sits in the White House with a totally cavalier attitude towards the public health needs of the nation. The fact is there is seemingly no end to what is attempted so to ‘win’ Trump another term. The fact is the long-term needs of a nation that is nearing 220,000 COVID deaths and a brutal fall and winter of flu and pandemic require accurate information unclouded from political despotism.

I know there is so much more at stake to the nation than if someone gets their eggs benedict with a side order of apple-flavored bacon. But if the millions who wish to have a seat at their favorite diner–in fact, if that diner is ever to reopen with confidence and staffed with full-time employees at any point in 2021–will require full public confidence in the CDC and our medical professionals across the nation. In other words, stop the undermining of these men and women!