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What It Says When Mute Button Needed In Presidential Debate

October 20, 2020

I received a message from a woman living in Austria who reads this site’s Facebook page. She commented how the reporting about the final weeks of our presidential campaign has made our nation look weak and smaller. She wrote in a polite but frank manner (we converse freely so never any hard feelings) how Donald Trump’s childish behavior in the debate, his verbal attacks on his opponents, and his antipathy for America’s top doctor undermines our standing in the world.

The reason she cares is due to understanding the historic role the US has provided to the world, and the issues now from a pandemic, climate change, and the troubled South China Sea that requires our nation to get it’s act together. Leadership is again needed from our nation. I concur with each of her noted hotspots and would add Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and numerous places in Africa, too.

The point is that what the world sees coming from the United States over the past four years is starkly removed from any strong, reasoned, and fact-based resolve that we demonstrated over the decades. This week the world will see we need to treat a president seeking another term in office as a mere child in the upcoming debate due to his antics and stains in the last debate. It needs to be noted in the first debate Trump interrupted Democratic nominee Joe Biden at least 128 times!

Trump has acted towards foreign leaders as he does with anyone who he feels has someone not fawned over him enough. He insults them. But those leaders are not the ones lacking education or awareness about decorum. They are concerned about Trump’s bombastic and isolationist rhetoric concerning “America First” as are Americans who know the racist call he makes about “MAGA”. When it comes to stringing three sentences together to reveal any thoughts or knowledge about international relations Trump comes off as an eighth-grader who did not study for an exam. EVER!

Trump is an angry white male, like a wide swath of his base, who holds resentments tightly. The nation and the world, however, need an adult in the Oval Office who can again bring intellect, diplomacy, and policy to the forefront. We need to have a person in that office that the world takes seriously.

Until then this is what we showcase to those watching from around the world.

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