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Pro-Life Wisconsin Proves Selfishness More Important Than Life

October 21, 2020

When reading the Wednesday Wisconsin State Journal I yelled out to James to find out if he was sitting down. The ironic news being reported about the latest attack on Governor Tony Evers’ order to limit customers in bars and restaurants so to stem the spread of COVID was truly beyond belief. I told my husband a ‘pro-life’ organization is legally challenging an avenue to save lives during a pandemic!

Pro-Life Wisconsin has teamed up with a bar owner from Amery in an effort to have a state appeals court overturn a judge’s decision to reinstate the Governor’s order which placed limits on public capacity in places where people drink and eat.

This is happening in the same week Wisconsin reported a record 4,591 COVID cases. The same week that the 7-day average of cases is a record 3,287. Putting the pandemic data into a larger framework shows that our state had 25 days exceeding 2,000 new confirmed cases, 8 days which were over 3,000. Also keep in mind the state only first exceeded 2,000 single-day cases on Sept. 17.  Less than one month ago.

The ‘pro-life’ organization is suing because the order limits the number of people they may invite to fundraisers, according to the lawyers who work for them. That statement surely was not vetted through any PR specialist as it speaks to the unethical profiteering at the heart of their case. We know the socially harmful behavior that will result statewide to public health should the case succeed.

It comes as no surprise this organization would not have any desire to protect living citizens as a pandemic rages. Caring only for fetuses at the expense of elderly people, doctors and nurses, teachers and school children underscores what we have always known about Pro-Life Wisconsin. They are narrow-minded and self-interested.

Their desire in making money at a fundraiser is not as important as the health and well-being of Wisconsin citizens!

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