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Madison Tradition Continues During Pandemic

October 26, 2020

A broad smile crossed my face while coming back from an errand this afternoon. While on John Nolan Drive I noticed that workers are again placing the Holiday Lights display at Olin Turville Park. It truly lifted my spirits to see the start of this annual event unfolding.

The past many months have been difficult for everyone. Health care concerns with beleaguered medical staff, businesses stressed with unemployed workers concerned about bills, and the general public anxious and uncertain about what lies ahead with this unrelenting pandemic. So it comes as no surprise we all need to find things that create lighter moments and hopeful feelings.

That is precisely what the few workers who were visible from the road provided for me. And I strongly suspect those emotions are to be felt by many others who use that busy thoroughfare each day in Madison. There is something most special about the way we feel this year over something which occurs each year.

The reason the event elicits such a response is due to what we have all lived through since early this year. And continue to experience. We often take much for granted in our lives, but with limitations on so much of our day-to-day activities means we are starting to understand the true value of certain things. So we drive by the site of the Holiday Lights, pause our mind on a warm memory, and know it can be re-lived this year within the safety of our car.

Having something to look forward to, and having a sincere smile is worth so much these days. It may seem simple and old-fashioned, but maybe this is a lesson we all needed to learn, again.

I trust you all feel better knowing this annual event will soon light up the park starting in mid-November.

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