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More Votes Cast Thus Far In Early 2020 Voting Than In Early 2016 Election

October 26, 2020

Make no mistake about it. Our nation will win this November. Democracy is working. The ultimate checks and balances is underway right now in America.

Late Sunday it was reported that pre-election voting for the November election has surpassed all 2016 early ballots cast with 9 days left until Election Day. That is staggering and beyond the wildest hope I had for early voting. Should we aim for 75 million? Lets go!

More than 58.7 million Americans have voted so far, according to a survey of election officials in all 50 states and Washington, DC. The data is compiled by CNN, Edison Research and Catalist.

In 2016, around 58.3 million pre-election ballots were cast, including ballots in the three vote-by-mail states that year. That early vote accounted for about 42% of all ballots cast in the 2016 presidential election. Pre-Election Day voting is skyrocketing nationwide amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and states are reporting record-breaking turnout as voters are energized to vote by mail or early in person before November.

Over the past months I have been following many times a day the reports from Dave Wasserman. Data-driven guy with keen insight and a proven track-record of credibility. What he reported today is equally stunning.

Breathtaking: statewide, Texas just surpassed 80% of its total 2016 votes cast, leading the nation. And there’s still more than a week of voting to go.

If you think Biden is about to win Philly by only 73%-24% after Clinton won it 82%-15% in 2016, I’ve got a Ben Franklin bridge to sell you. We’ve seen high-quality polls show Trump running well behind his ’16 margins in Bucks, NEPA, Lehigh Valley, Allegheny, Harrisburg, etc.

And this, too.

If you’re looking for a horse race narrative right now, you’re not going to find it here. There was a time when it was easy to imagine this race going much differently. Eight days out, it’s much, much harder. I’ve seen…almost enough.

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