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President Is Scared Of Lesley Stahl–A Strong Professional Woman

October 26, 2020

Donald Trump likes to bluster, bloviate, toss out nasty tweets, call others names, and snarl about the White House. But what the nation witnessed Sunday night on the longest-running newsmagazine show on television, when he faced a highly respected reporter was hilarious. Truly hilarious.

Also very telling about Trump.

Trump’s portion of the program made headlines and snorts of laughter because he cut off his interview, stood up, and walked out while the cameras were rolling. He did so because the reporter was asking “tough” questions.

I need to interject at this point that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris responded to hard questions from Norah O”Donnell in the same program without complaint. Just saying.

Trump tried to sell a line of blather concerning falsehoods and unverified claims about Biden and his family. It was the same type of lame attempt Trump spewed at the final debate last week.

But Stahl is an intrepid reporter and was not going to play any part in Trump’s low-ball scheme. She said evenly and to the point stated, “You know, this is 60 Minutes. And we can’t put on things we can’t verify.”

On Sunday night, the show remained true to its word. The program used Stahl’s in-conversation responses, narration, and clips of Trump from rallies to vet his statements. The news should be an honest broker of the facts, and that is precisely what 60 Minutes did.

Trump was bent out of shape from the start of the interview and remarked to Stahl that “Your first statement was ‘Are you ready for tough questions?’ That’s no way to talk.”


If a president can not take tough questions from a reporter precisely how does the person in the Oval Office expect to function when a madman with a nuclear bomb on the other side of the world wakes up on the wrong side of the bed?

What I most admired in the interview was the look and the eyes of Stahl. There was no glancing down or melting away or any unease on her part. Stahl was focused, determined, professional, and used her calm but firm words with a determination to make her journalistic point.

Stahl was doing the work the nation required.

There are many conclusions that one can reach after watching the Sunday night show. The first is that 60 Minutes remains a powerful news program that continues to undertake tough and essential reporting. Second, Stahl is a professional and tough woman who no doubt is being seen by young girls this morning as a role model. Third, Trump is all bluster and no substance. He was not made for the high office and is pretending to be a president. (Again you might notice his name and the office never appear in a sentence on this blog.)

We also should add that this is just the latest example of Trump not being comfortable with a strong woman.

And so it goes.

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