Spitting In Face Of Science Will Cost Trump Election

It would take a profoundly creative and skilled author to plot a storyline that could match what is taking place in America in the closing week of the 2020 presidential election. Donald Trump is barnstorming key battleground states and holding super-spreader COVID rallies in defiance of coronavirus health recommendations.

The rallies are making some in the Republican Party who attend them turn all giddy. But the voters at home watching the rallies of Air Force One parked while music from the Village People is pumped up loudly–yes, conservatives are grinding their hips in tempo to gay culture this year–are only feeling more disdain towards an administration that continues to mishandle the pandemic. And again show complete disdain for science.

At the same time, Joe Biden grasps not only the medically-backed data and science surrounding the virus, but equally important in political terms the deep concern among the citizens about the increasing cases and deaths. The Democratic nominee is sending a very loud message when he refuses to hold political rallies and participate in spreading the virus. Voters are responding to his mature messaging.

While local leaders in places where Trump holds his rallies are pleading for him to stay the heck away the stock market has also sent this administration a strong message. With more than 40 states seeing stark increases in COVID cases with hospitals filling to troubling capacity Monday’s Dow Jones lost 650 points. Markets like stability but all they see down the road is economic distress as the pandemic rages. Without conservative Republicans able to realize the vital importance of more relief monies to state and local governments the markets will not be satisfied.

Nor will the voters.

The lack of logic from this administration or any regard for science was underscored when it was reported they had not spent $9 billion in funding for COVID-19 testing because of opposition from Scott Atlas, an advisor on the White House coronavirus task force. It needs to be noted Atlas is not an infectious-disease expert but has emerged as an influential and controversial advisor on the task force as he’s promoted ideas in line with Trump’s approach to the pandemic.

In other words, spit in the face of facts and medical professionals while discovering disco music at an airport hanger!

People are shaken by the crisis that has taken over the nation.  They are concerned about the economic impact, and the uncertain path forward over the next year.  They want a leader who can stand before the nation and be honest.  They are not finding that in Trump, who has butchered facts and honesty about every issue that has come before the public in the past four years.  Now when the nation needs to have confidence in a president there is no shred of credibility left in this White House.  Trump might as well walk out naked before the press as he has not one ounce of integrity remaining.

And given what we have seen this fall can anyone absolutely rule that possibility out?

And so it goes.