White Teenage Vigilante Back In Wisconsin–Where Were Kyle Rittenhouse’s Parents When Assault Weapon Used By Troubled Teen?

The killer is coming back to Wisconsin.

Kyle Rittenhouse, the dim-witted terrorist, and Trump-supporting troubled 17-year-old who was arrested for shooting three protesters in Kenosha this summer is back in the state to meet legal justice. Two of his victims died.

An Illinois judge today granted prosecutors’ request to extradite this white thug to Wisconsin where he faces homicide charges. We know he did not legally own the AK-47, a weapon this blog has long advocated to be removed from further sales, when he created carnage in Kenosha. We also have to ask at the top of this post what type of piss-poor parenting allowed this slice of trouble to have an ability to get his hands on such a weapon? The night of the shooting did his mother think we was just going to shoot pool?

Since he was a caucasian and brandishing a military-type weapon he was allowed to wander about for hours in Kenosha in a very tense and troubling atmosphere.  The local police knew he was there but just gave this emotional rollercoaster a pass. We know precisely what would have happened had be been black with the same weapon.

The justice system is one I have faith in and as such know these crimes will be properly dealt with by the courts. But there is a question that society needs an answer to that the courts might not address in their investigations.

How is it that 17-year-old high-school dropout committed a double killing in a different state from which he lived with a military assault weapon he was not legally allowed to carry? Where was his mother? Father?

Conservatives get all lathered about the condition of Black families and teenagers that steal cars and commit crimes. Will conservatives be able to stand up and apply those same admonishments on one of their own who killed two people with an assault weapon?

Meanwhile Kyle Rittenhouse has been rightly charged with 1) 1st-Degree Reckless Homicide, 2) 1st-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, 3) 1st-Degree Intentional Homicide, 4) Attempt 1st-Degree Intentional Homicide, 5) 1st-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, 6) Possession Dangerous Weapon (Misd.)

Friday night more information, thanks to the reporters at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, provided light on the matter of the gun.

The assault-style rifle used in the shooting was purchased by an 18-year-old friend of Rittenhouse, and police found it in the trunk of the friend’s car later that morning. Neither Rittenhouse nor his mother had a permit for a gun in Illinois.

Rittenhouse told Antioch police his 18-year-old friend had the rifle in the trunk of his car. The Journal Sentinel is not identifying the man because he has not been charged with any crime.

Antioch police met the man at Rittenhouse’s apartment and he confirmed the rifle was in the trunk. The man was with Rittenhouse’s two sisters who said they feared for their safety after receiving messages from people about the shooting.

The man told an officer he had been with Rittenhouse in Kenosha. He was armed with a gun on the roof of a business and did not see the shooting.

Rittenhouse called his friend at some point after the shooting.

The man said he disassembled his own gun to put in his backpack, picked up Rittenhouse and then put both rifles in the trunk where police later found them.

In a police interview, the friend said Rittenhouse gave him money to buy the rifle at an Ace Hardware in Ladysmith, Wisconsin, and it was to be used only while hunting up north at the friend’s family’s property. In the meantime, it was stored at the friend’s stepfather’s house in Kenosha. 

Gun trace records confirmed the man had purchased both rifles at stores in Wisconsin.