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Images Of America On Election Day 2020 In America

November 3, 2020

It is sunny and 62 degrees in Madison as I write. Soon to shower and put on shorts in the opening days of November! We call this weather Indian Summer and folks get the last painting on the porch completed, or even the Christmas lights put up when such pleasant weather affords the opportunity.

With Election Day underway there is also an energy in the air. With a pandemic surging in about 45 states it might be hard to tell that there is an air of expectation due to many staying clear of others, but phone calls and social media alert all to the mood in the land.

But I would not be honest with my readers if I did not convey–in the midst of this wonderful sunny day and moment in history–being truly taken aback and saddened about the real fear and angst many have coast-to-coast. There is a deep concern that anger will be unleashed following the vote and ballot counting. I find such threats absolutely unacceptable and if anything ranks being termed un-American it would be the violence of any kind following election night outcomes.

I could have loaded up this page with scores of photos of plywood covering windows of stores in cities nationwide. But I share only one as the case is made concerning the absurdity of the need to take such action. Below a man walks past a window of a Louis Vuitton store in San Francisco.

I know that messages about violence from the very top in this land has given license to thuggish behavior, even laughing and giving vocal support to the armed rubes in trucks who threatened a Biden campaign bus in Texas. The cavalier attitude at best, and the outright promotion of bullish and criminal behavior at worst from Donald Trump is something law-abiding society can not allow.

It concerns me greatly when conservatives can call out all sorts of topics on their social media outlets but stayed quiet when the Texas incident screamed out for a response. So when I see the boarded-up windows and hear of local business owners planning to sleep tonight in their offices or shops it really pains me as this is not the way Election Night should play out.

I am so tired of the utter disdain Trump and his kind has shown to our democratic values. I am so tired of the need to write about the continual erosion of our norms in this land. I can not hardly believe it is Election Day and I am posting pictures that warn of violence and uprising in the streets.

This weekend my copy of The Economist arrived in the mail. The cover says it all. It connects with the past four years, and the dread about violence in this land tonight. It too is an image for our times.

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