John King And Steve Kornacki Earn National Thanks

America not only turned to CNN and MSNBC Election Night but have stayed tuned as the votes are still being counted in various states. We have wondered about the count in the suburbs of Phoenix and the region where Reagan Democrats call home in Michigan. We have wanted to know how much of the vote remains to be tallied and how it all compares to four years ago.

Hour-after-hour two professionals have held our attention while imparting election information. With numbers and geographic layers of data John King from CNN and Steve Kornacki at MSNBC not only reported the results, but allowed analysis of what happened and what might next be expected.

The smoothness of their delivery comes as a result of their deep knowledge of the political terrain where the electoral vote fight emerged. Portions of the west, the deep south, and midwest meant they were switching from Cuban-Americans in South Florida to the former union workers outside Detroit without missing a beat. It was a joy to watch even as our democracy hung on the outcomes of what they reported.

I am not aware of any special television awards for their type of reporting, but it is clear that if one does not exist it simply must be created. I want to thank both King and Kornacki–and I list them alphabetically since I respect them both equally–for what they have contributed to the election process, journalism, and our democracy.

Hats off to them both!