World Watching As Trump Undermines American Democracy

Today we talked with friends who live ‘across the pond’. In past conversations, the news of COVID, families, and the recent books which were enjoyed would have been among the topics. Today, sadly, there was only one issue that dominated the conversation. The outlandish, un-democratic, and dangerous actions of Donald Trump as he undermines faith in the electoral process. This is more than just a national story. The democratic nations in the world are watching in horror at what is happening in the United States.

I will assume that the bulk of my readers are well aware of history and civics. The way votes are cast and then counted are a matter of routine. Along with the way our leaders frame the elections and transfer the presidency to the next person elected.

That is why there is such great concern about the dangerous and reckless ways Trump has acted in the past two days. He is rejecting the counting of all the votes and impugning the integrity of the process that our nation relies on for the peaceful transfer of power.

By speaking such dangerous themes to his base, which is profoundly under-educated and easily deluded, he is attempting to create a climate where a final and decisive outcome to this election is not possible. Trump aims to throw off all restraint and honor and remove the thread of our continuous peaceful handing off of presidential power.

To undermine a legally, and soon-to-be unambiguous victory to the winner of the election, is THY most damaging action of Trump’s term in office. It is the darkest skid mark of his presidency.

The attempted subversion of our electoral system to meet Trump’s own twisted and deranged personal ends is precisely the type of warning that concerned people have talked and written about for the past several years.  This move is what dictators do when the voters say ENOUGH! This is what autocrats do when they feel they have nowhere to hide in the light of day or unable to play by the rules and laws of normal society.

A corporate attorney, who is a friend of mine, commented today about the impact of Trump’s actions regarding the election results.

If you saw Agents of Chaos on HBO, this behavior was done by Putin in his last election. It is almost like he is reading a script. He is not only inciting a riot – which is what Putin did when he stole his last election – but Trump is doing this with the world watching. He is sending a loud message that American elections are not to be trusted and that our democracy is a sham. And who benefits from that? Who has the most vested interest in that because it undermines our foundation as a major global power? Putin.

During the past several decades the most absurd comment made by any president–even when out of office–came from Richard Nixon.  Speaking to David Frost in the famed interviews Nixon stated, “Well, when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.”

In April 2020, however, Nixon’s undemocratic statement was replaced by a new anti-Madisonian outrage.   Trump stood before God and national reporters while stating this jaw-dropping line.

“When somebody is the president of the United States, the authority is total.”

Not so fast, Orange Mussolini! 

Any move by Trump to step into his self-delusional role as even more of an autocratic figure, one he pines for on a regular basis, will be met with the fastest legal roadblocks that any judge has ever fashioned.

In addition, the American public will take to the streets in numbers that will make this summer’s protests appear as just the warm-up to the main event.

Trump is warned to not mess further with our democracy!