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Donald Trump Must Surrender, Soft Coup In America Must End

November 11, 2020

Once more the events now playing out in America can not be compared to any other time in our history. But they can be aligned with history in other nations.

Last week Donald Trump stood in the White House Press Room and energetically undermined the integrity of the vote which had taken place only 48 hours previously. In one respect it was not a total surprise as he has been lathering up his base at rallies about the validity of mail-in ballots. In so doing he was also disdainful of the men and women poll workers who braved a pandemic from coast-to-coast to make sure the electrical process ran smoothly.

So yes, Trump’s reckless disregard for our democratic processes is nothing new. But when an election is over and the loser (who also happens to be the outgoing president) undermines and is utterly dismissive of the national outcome does leave most of us rightly troubled and deeply concerned. What we have always taken as a given, that being a peaceful transition of power, seems to be a coin toss at this point with how Trump is disparaging the process.

Readers of history concerning Latin American military dictatorships can place the pieces together to see how Trump and his right-wing cronies are testing the waters. They are taking steps and not seeing an all-out blow-back from conservatives in the base, or elected fascists from within the party, are pondering the next steps.

Across the ocean, history alerts us to the German hyped-up narrative that they were dealt an unfair hand after World War I. As a consequence an absurd conspiracy theory was hatched and allowed to fester. It would lead to the Nazi Party selling and too many Germans buying, that a truly national government could not be democratic.

So do not pretend that what is being attempted in America with Trump has not been tried before in other parts of the world.

The bottom line is that Trump wants to remain in power, despite his losing the contest in many states and not capturing the needed electoral college votes. What is distressing is not that he thinks he is a winner, after all, he is mentally unhinged, but that Trump has a growing number of right-wing supporters who are echoing his delusions. Their lack of patriotism to our laws and ideals is most telling.

I find it unbelievable that so few Republicans have acknowledged that the election is over. I was shocked—and that is a feeling in 2020 that is darn near impossible to achieve anymore–when the secretary of defense was fired. His great sin, in the eyes of the autocrat, was a disdain for not supporting the army to attack fellow Americans on our city streets. Clearly, the fabric of our democracy is being shredded in front of our eyes.

When dealing with right-wingers it takes about 10 seconds to see through the verbal garbage. With their soft coup attempt, the lack of reasoning comes through like a train engine headlight on a crisp winter night. If the votes against Trump were fake, fraud, forged, and ‘funny’ then does it not follow that the GOP House victories, Senate wins, and legislative majorities would also be fake, fraud, forged, and ‘funny’? Or are we to assume that all the craftiness from ‘the left’ cast fake ballots for Biden and then elected Republicans down-ballot?

All the Republicans have is a grand conspiracy theory that excites the base. The party gave up on ideas and principles about trade, internal investments, and budgeting when they kneeled down as mere pawns to Trump in 2016.

Well, the rest of the nation remains standing with spine and spirit on behalf of our democracy. We know we must be vigilant as citizens. This bizarre and untenable behavior from the White House can not in any way be normalized. Reporters need to drop any pretense that this story can be covered objectively, as the actions of this autocrat in the Oval Office must be called out. The bottom line for all of us is that OUR democracy needs to be defended.

Trump must surrender the office.

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