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Under-Educated Trump Supporters Being Played, Again

November 12, 2020

When will they learn? How much money will angry whites give to their cult leader this month? When will those who store their resentments like a camel does water move on in life? Donald Trump is hoping not any time soon, as he is hoping to gather a large slush fund on his way out of the White House.

And why not? He and his brood have profited mightily during his term in office. Why not milk the cow one last time?

The Washington Post column sums up the latest grifting by Trump.

Trump isn’t really trying to overturn the election. He’s simply running one more scam before he leaves office that would enable him to enrich himself.

That’s the way it appears, at least, from the scores of fundraising emails his campaign has sent out since the election. He seems to be asking for funds to challenge the election, but the fine print shows that the money could let him line his own coffers. The tin-pot-dictator routine looks more as if it’s about passing the tin cup.

Trump is urging Please contribute ANY AMOUNT RIGHT NOW to DEFEND the Election.

”But at the linked site to the “OFFICIAL ELECTION DEFENSE FUND,” the legalese at the end says something rather different:

Sixty percent of the contribution, up to $5,000, goes to “Save America,” Trump’s newly created leadership PAC. And 40 percent of the contribution up to $35,500, goes to the Republican National Committee’s operating account, its political (not legal) fund.

Should we be surprised?

Trump has used the presidency itself for self-enrichment, so there’s no reason to think an election defeat would stop him. He has funneled vast amounts of taxpayer dollars and political supporters’ funds to his hotels, golf clubs and various properties around the world. Over the years, he has used his charity for self-benefit, he has had favorable treatment by foreign governments, and he has had hundreds of millions in debt forgiven by creditors.

Only after reaching the first maximum would a single penny go to Trump’s “Recount Account,” and only after reaching the second maximum would a penny go to the RNC’s legal account.

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