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Caffeinated Politics Predicted 306 Electoral Votes For Biden, But Got Two States Wrong

November 13, 2020

There is no escaping the joy that the vast majority of the nation is feeling with the news that President-elect Joe Biden not only secured the needed 270 electoral college votes, but blew by that to win 306 of them. Today, the two outstanding states finished counting enough of their ballots for major media organizations to report that Biden won the same number of electoral college votes this year as Trump had in 2016.

Biden won his victory by taking back Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. But then he doubled down and expanded the Blue coloring of the nation by winning Arizona, a state not picked up by Democrats since 1996. Biden also flipped Georgia, not seeing Blue since 1996.

That is darn good news. But it gets one better here at the blogging desk. Caffeinated Politics predicted Biden would win 306 electoral college votes. Where the presidential prediction wheels wobbled on the ole buggy was in two states where I made the wrong call. I had predicted North Carolina would be a win for Biden, but Trump won the state. In Georgia, where I had called it for Trump, Biden marched his magic to a win.

There have been a number of reasons for angst, consternation, and fear this year. But in the midst of the storms, we should always strive to find those things that bring smiles. My predictions for each presidential cycle (since 1980) was not about to stop due to chaos or pandemic. It was fun to ponder about as the election neared, and delightful to know we have a new president.

And so it goes!

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