Kids Learn Faster Than Donald Trump

Donald Trump lost five legal challenges in five states in little more than three hours Friday evening. I am not sure how many more of these rulings and orders must be delivered before the lesson is understood. After all the orders and rulings from the courts are in English and written in precise language that all frame the larger issue succinctly.

The courts can not be used to overturn the election results.  

It was nothing short of a blistering order shortly after 6 PM Friday when conservative Justice Brian Hagedorn made it most clear the attempts to undermine the results of the election in our state were most galling and totally unacceptable. It was the fourth legal defeat of the evening for Trump, with one more state to weigh in against these absurd shenanigans before the night was over.

In a brutal written knockdown, Hagedorn wrote why the court dismissed an attempt by the Wisconsin Voters Alliance, to overturn the state’s certified election results and have Wisconsin’s presidential elections be chosen by the state legislature instead.

“Such a move would appear to be unprecedented in American history. One might expect that this solemn request would be paired with evidence of serious errors tied to a substantial and demonstrated set of illegal votes. Instead, the evidentiary support rests almost entirely on the unsworn expert report of a former campaign employee that offers statistical estimates based on call center samples and social media research.”

The legal pummeling of Trump must have been brutal for the autocrat to witness. Trump’s first defeat came around 4:30 PM in Minnesota, after 5 PM the Michigan Court of Appeals rejected Trump, within minutes of that a state judge in Nevada dismissed a Trump lawsuit, Wisconsin came down hard on Orange Mussolini at 6 PM with an Arizona judge lowering the final boom of the evening with a ruling at 7 PM.

I come from the foundations that the president of this nation should be an example of grace, dignity, and leadership. When the nation votes and the outcome is different from a candidate’s expectations or desires we should expect to see if nothing else just good sportsmanship. Since the November election, however, we have witnessed the worst public example of losing. It needs to be noted such awful behavior of the kind Trump exhibits would never be allowed in the elementary grades should a pupil pull such stunts after losing in a sporting event during physical education class.

Is there any doubt as to why some voters cast their ballot so to remove this type of behavior from our daily lives? For four years this nation has endured the lack of class, intelligence and decency in the White House while the nation’s kids, whether we acknowledge it or not, absorb much of this behavior. We owe it to future generations to make sure the lack of maturity and the attempt to undermine our laws does not succeed.

Thanks to the courts and our checks and balances our kids will see a better day. Forty-five days from this posting until a new administration comes to the White House.