When Safe Harbor Day Becomes Part Of Our Lexicon

It’s safe harbor day.

It is one thing when geeks and nerds, which this blogger for many years has willingly self-identified, know the term and why it exists. It is another thing, entirely, when many average citizens in the nation understand it, too.

The term means Congress can’t successfully challenge results from any state that has certified election results by today, December 8th. For all the nonsense we hear from the far-right wing, this is not some new and nefarious plot from the ‘deep state’. Rather the law was written in the 1880s to give states some time to figure out any disputes they had about who won before Congress takes over their part of the election process.

Now that the day has arrived let me put it plainly so even Donald Trump can understand. There will be a moving truck to haul your gaudy belongings out of the White House come mid-January.

Trump’s efforts to overturn the presidential election are over.

The ridiculous claims, charges, lies, distortions, and utter absurdities by Trump and his quirky legal team have allowed for the need of the nation to understand safe harbor’s meaning. Federal law requires that Congress recognize the slates of electors chosen by states that have resolved legal fights, recounts, and other election disputes by this date. And that has now occurred.

Late this afternoon the Supreme Court refused an outlandish request from Pennsylvania Republicans to overturn the state’s election results. The justices said they would not block a ruling from Pennsylvania’s highest court that had rejected a challenge to the use of mail ballots in the state. What must have been most galling to the Trump White House is that there were no dissenters in the Court’s order that was all of one sentence!

The application for injunctive relief presented to Justice Alito and by him referred to the Court is denied.

When Republicans can not even pack a Supreme Court to overthrow an election! When a nation needs to know what safe harbor day means!

The creator of this madness and danger to our democracy is only a little over a month from being removed from the White House. The trouble is the weak-minded among our citizenry have absorbed the illiberal attacks on democracy and seem more than willing to continue damaging our nation. That is a deep concern to this nerdy blogger, who ponders such matters.

Meanwhile, happy safe harbor day!

And so it goes.

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