Martha Raddatz On-Air Flub Provides Valuable Lesson To Nation

This morning ABC host Martha Raddatz of This Week made a verbal tongue-twist on air when doing a lead-in to a segment. She gives a raspberry and speaks to her camera person about a do-over. There is a cutaway from the desk, but soon the reporter is back with the rest of the program.

It would appear that the lead-in was a snippet to be used between commercials as a way to keep viewers alerted as to what was to follow on the program. Somehow that flub was sent down the line to the stations for airing.

The reason I mention this has nothing to do with Raddatz as a broadcaster. It is hard to perform without errors behind a microphone. Rather this post is about too many in this nation who as-of-late never seem to acknowledge the blunders made, along with the need to make them right.

We did not just happen to land at 300,000 dead people in this nation from COVID by a wrong move from one person, but rather by a series of collective errors, and worse even at times willful ones. It is too late for the ones now buried but for the rest of this nation, it is time to buckle down and admit science and medical professionals know best on how to proceed with fighting this virus.

Our country is at a most dire time with caseloads and hospitalizations so it is absolutely imperative that we undertake a collective do-over in stopping the spread of this virus. Bending the curve from where we now find ourselves will be extraordinarily hard. But we have no other choice.

Raddatz knew when to just stop talking and concede the line being delivered was going nowhere. Our nation needs to admit the carefree and lackadaisical manner that has placed our nation in this public health crisis must be curtailed.

Our nation needs a massive do-over.