Frustration With U.S. Senate Makes For Grand Ole Opry Reference

If you follow the actions of the United State Senate…or should I say antics…you will note that not much of substance has been achieved over the past many months.

One of the great desires that this blogger has pushed over the years is an infrastructure package. I had hoped that the Trump Administration would have led with that pressing need in January 2017. Needless to say there is no such legislation awaiting a presidential signature as 2020 comes to a close.

After the transformative changes our nation is processing relating to social justice and racial equality the Senate is found wanting as bills for police policy is right under that of infrastructure. We know the pandemic stimulus package that was needed back in September still has not found a time to get a vote on the floor. The political gamesmanship has created more than a serious logjam over legislation, it has put millions of our fellow citizens into great fiscal uncertainty. Even more of them the day after Christmas!

We all witness congressional dysfunction in our morning newspaper and the evening news. But it was stated most perfectly last week when retiring Republican Senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee stated the Senate is “like joining the Grand Ole Opry and not being able to sing.”

That sums up the last year in the Senate perfectly. And sadly.