Organic Vegetables By Mail Perfect In Pandemic…Give Yourself A Box Of Smiles

Since April James and I have been ordering groceries online and having them placed in the trunk of our car. While I very much appreciate the folks at the store–and let them know each trip–it is not always a perfect experience when it comes to fresh produce. Some younger people are not as aware of vegetables and how to select them for sale. As such, we have been seeking out an alternate way to get fresh vegetables.

And doing so with safety during this pandemic.

James became aware of Misfits Market where they sell organic veggies! Misfits Market is a produce based box subscription, where food deemed too imperfect to sell is instead packaged up and mailed at a fraction of the cost one would pay at the grocery store! And let’s be honest, who wants to be in any store at the present time? But look at the photos below and tell me the food is imperfect!

Today we received our first insulated box. We ordered the large one for $30.00 (Madness Box), but a smaller one can be ordered, too. They allow you to choose the products desired–in other words, one does not get a bale of kale! The orders come every two weeks or once a week per your preference.  

We received today….Zucchini Yellow Summer Squash Medium Yellow Onions Yellow Potatoes Savoy Cabbage Green Leaf Lettuce Napa Cabbage Romaine Lettuce Red Radishes, Bunched Red Beets Fuji Apples Lemons Grapefruit Eggplant

While we have ordered portions of animals for the freezers during this pandemic it has been much harder to come by fresh veggies. The arrival of these items on a cloudy gray December day and the way they were packaged is most appreciated.

Making our way through this time requires thinking outside the box…..which leads us to a box!