Merry Christmas From Caffeinated Politics…Blogger Returns Jan. 1st

It is that point of the year when this blogger turns from the keyboard to the cupboard as making cookies–and sampling them, of course, takes center stage. For the next couple of weeks it is all about the Holiday Season that unfolds with simplicity–if we just embrace it.

The angst that some continually bring to this time each year has always been lost on me. Embrace winter, make that seasonal beverage when the cold bites, and snap a photo of the snow scene from the perspective a 7-year-old might view it. With this most unique of years being a factor over the Holidays just make the needed adjustments, knowing that next year at this time things will be remarkably improved. But having said that we should not lose sight of enjoying this one. The reason for the season remains ever-true!

Find the things which make you smile, both currently and from memories……and get on with your Christmas and Holiday Season!

From the memory file, my mom’s favorite song at Christmas was “Silver Bells”.  She too knew the joy of the snow on the trees all over the countryside, but loved the sights of the city in December. Same holds true for me….especially the city lights.

James and I have a 20-year tradition together of making Christmas come alive with decorations and lights. This year with all three floors of our Victorian home to use we think the results about equal the number of trees at the Governor’s Mansion. If not, well, we certainly did try!

Each year we have a memory tree with those special objects, be they 60-year-old measuring spoons, or a small coin purse from a relative long gone, or gift tags now laminated, and of course each year, my nephew Trevor Dean’s Sunday School Christmas star decoration.

And then these are the other trees up this year at our home.