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Blue Looks Mighty Fine Down In Georgia

January 6, 2021

I did not write about the special senate elections in Georgia as I was either not blogging during the holidays, and then when back at the keyboard not at all sure that anything other than a special election outcome in a Southern state would be the outcome. I would never have predicted what took place in Georgia last night. After all, special elections of this type are tough for Democrats to win.

So to say I was elated and absolutely stunned as the election night count continued hour after hour would be an honest statement. But with the news of the wins, I placed it into context. The Republican Party had attained power in 2010 when they took the House. They then took the Senate in 2014. And finally, in 2016, they captured the presidency.

And now it is nothing more than a memory as they sit in the minority in the nation’s capital.

And they are now also a laughing stock in the country. For after the votes are mostly all counted with a Democratic-controlled senate in the offing we witness Donald Trump again rallying his undereducated base to continue a coup attempt. Meanwhile, many in his party who are elected to congress are taking up not only a hopeless but an absurd attempt to keeping Trump in the White House. If any Republican in Peoria is wondering what is wrong within the GOP all they need do is turn into an all-news network this afternoon.

I had to smile when the quote from Senator Mitt Romney was aired on the radio this morning. “Well, It turns out that telling the voters that the election is rigged is not a great way to turn out your voters.”

You think?

This afternoon as the thugs overran our nation’s’ capitol the news from all major networks confirmed what we for hours felt to be the outcome. The victories by Jon Ossoff and the Rev. Raphael Warnock have solidified Georgia’s political transformation and ensured that President-elect Joe Biden will have an easier time enacting his agenda.

And so it goes.

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