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Open Letter To Senators Tina Smith And Amy Klobuchar RE: Using 25th Amendment

January 7, 2021

Let me be very clear to all my readers.

Donald Trump is without a doubt most unfit and demonstrates to be unwell mentally. He is openly working to undermine our democracy and therefore must relinquish control of the Executive Branch voluntarily or involuntarily. We know his character, and therefore the latter will be necessary. The 25th Amendment must be used to ensure the safety of our nation.

Today I received a letter from a friend that was sent to both of the Minnesota Senators Tina Smith And Amy Klobuchar. I post it below as it hits the points directly and perfectly.

Dear Sen. Smith,

Thank you for continuing to do your job and to represent us despite the attacks  on our Nation’s Capitol yesterday. I hope you know that that is not the way myself or most other Americans expect people to act in a democracy.  Whatever you want to call this, whether a mob attack, insurrection,  or even a coup,  it was anti-Democratic  and  I fear for our Nation. Also, I am angry that my tax monies are being squandered to try to stop unnecessary violence that was promoted and initiated by our supposed leader.

As yesterday’s events unfolded, a legislative representative from San Francisco California said that the president is clearly “unhinged” on the PBS News Hour.  I cannot confirm nor deny this  as I am not a psychologist, but I have been and continue to be very concerned about the mental stability and the ongoing actions of the president.
An essential question: Are there mechanisms in place to not allow the current president to  launch nuclear weapons without some oversight / input from other government officials who can be trusted?   I don’t want to raise any alarms, but I am very fearful that  the current president not be  allowed to  initiate  any military actions  unilaterally. I,  like many people,  do not believe he has  our nation’s best interest  in mind.
In light of the events of yesterday, unless the president steps down as Pres. Nixon did, please know that I am in favor of  enacting section 4 of the 25th Amendment if enough agreement including from Vice president Pence can be procured.  If not, I am in agreement with Sen. Pelosi from California that articles of impeachment should be brought against the current president  a second time. Despite the tight timeframe and costs, I concur that he should be removed from office ASAP for the good of our nation, its traditions, and democratic norms.

Thank you for your ongoing work,
William Straub

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