Removing Donald Trump From Office Is National Necessity

No one can take any pleasure in the requirement this nation needs to undertake in the following days. There is no partisan delight, no glee or lightheartedness, no winning or gloating when the process is concluded. The removal of Donald Trump from office for insurrection and sedition is the most sober-minded and serious action any congress in our history will need to do.

On Wednesday our home had the coffee and tea made with certain work projects completed so we could watch the congressional process playout for the counting of the Electoral College votes. I told James again of my fond memory during a vacation of coming across the wooden box for the Electoral College votes that finalized the 1968 election and formalized the outcome for Richard Nixon. It was housed in the museum located under the United States Capitol. I am fully aware that many other Americans hold their own separate and powerful recollections that are touchstones to our past and feel deeply about our nation.

So when the news started to be reported during the congressional coverage of our Capitol being breached by terrorists I was absolutely stunned. While I knew there were many who had taken to the streets that morning the attempted coup was surreal. The stoking of the anger by Donald Trump with the continual lies about the election outcome through social media had been called out by millions of Americans. The power of such rhetoric, however, has long been known throughout history.

That a President of the United States would have such disdain for the core values of the nation, have such a thirst for power and advantage, and use the most easily swayed in the nation to stage a coup is more than we can tolerate. It simply can not be allowed to happen without a powerful rebuke of the kind that history will not forget.

Donald Trump’s incitement to violence against our government must be answered swiftly and decisively. There is a duty of the nation for a consequential reaction equal to the weight of the crime. Trump must be removed from office by impeachment. While I would prefer the use of the 25th Amendment as the process for his removal it would require more honor than currently exists within the present administration.

History shows that dictators and autocrats will do anything to further their agenda. History also shows that it is imperative that a message is sent that such actions will never be tolerated. The reason to impeach and remove Trump is not only to address his actions but to make it perfectly clear to any would-be future demagogue that America will not allow it to happen again. In this land, there must not be any allowance for a president to use seditious speech and undertake treasonous actions. It must not be tolerated.

Impeachment is a most appropriate action as insurrection, treason, sedition, and an attempted coup, as witnessed this week, is more than the nation should need to deal with from someone who has taken an oath, and sworn a duty, to uphold the laws of the nation. Such a move will have two goals. The first is obvious as it removes Trump from office, but it also makes him ineligible to ever hold public office again. A traitor should never be given a second chance.

I was truly saddened by the words from Trump to his followers just shortly before they started their march to the Capitol this week. What he said, and what he desired was painfully obvious. What the rest of us knew is that the words used by a president matters. While Trump abused the powers of his office to incite an insurrection I know full well how the power of a president can properly connect with our nation.

I was on-air at WDOR the night President Reagan spoke to the nation following the horrific explosion of Space Shuttle Challenger. In my lifetime there is perhaps no other speech that so clearly demonstrated the role of a president at times of national crisis, or the heights of rhetorical balm that can come with the office.  I sat in the broadcast studio and was moved to tears.  Contrast national moments such as that one to the current occupant in the White House who continually stokes the anger and resentment of people for partisan and seditious advantage.

Character matters.  We say those words often but also take the concept for granted.  When the lack of character is so obvious and smacks at us daily, it becomes a reminder of how much this nation lost when Trump stepped into the White House.

Now it is incumbent on the nation to see him removed through the impeachment process. It is a national necessity.

I wish to leave my readers with a photo of the wooden box that was used for the counting of the Electoral College Votes following the 1968 election. A peaceful transfer of power is the only acceptable way to proceed in our nation.