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How To Counter Nation Slipping Further Into The Basement

January 12, 2021

One of the more discouraging signs of political dysfunction last week, as if there are not enough flashing and blaring examples from the attempted coup on our government, was the inside the beltway chatter about one-upmanship. The essence of the story is that Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz decided to challenge the electoral results in Arizona because he would have his chance to object before his fellow, and equally repulsive Republican colleague, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley could do for Pennsylvania’s results.

It made me think of my grandpa who would often remark when feeding the pigs they surely did like to wallow around in the mud. Donald Trump’s sycophants are much the same.

Both of the senators see themselves as presidential timber but much of the nation looks upon them as rotting wood. For either of them to stoop so low as to desire, and work towards, undermining the election results so to align themselves with the Trump base is one more sign that the basement in American politics can indeed get deeper. That alarming fact must be dealt with in our nation.

As we know the fallout for both of these senators has been swift and severe.  Cruz has always been viewed as an oddity who is more fake than principled, and Hawley was seen as too ambitious and lacking experience with his timing. Hawley’s photo of the raised fist will be his swan song for higher office.

But where does all this leave the rest of the country who watches with ever-more widening eyes and astonishment on their faces? I was looking into some of the friends who were linked with another person on Facebook and came across this example of what the nation has to deal with when it comes to Trump supporters. I post the first line as it was written.

Terrible Capitol Police were in no danger Why Shoot an Unarmed Female Veteran in the Neck Killing her while she holds a Trump Flag?!

The very long rant was filled with right-wing lunacy and conspiracy theories. That so many in the land have such views does lend itself to the question as to exactly how many people were potty-trained at gunpoint? That there is so much of this bizarre behavior means we need to launch a very broad effort to spread a message of truth.

The effort to shape the truth into a message akin to promoting a football game must be undertaken by trusted opinion shapers from every sector of our nation, every profession, and demographic. We must have Republicans, those who serve in the military, folks who wear the cloth, and even sports personalities who can talk to the ones who live on the couch.

What needs to be spelled out in clear language with as many one-syllable words as possible is how damaging to the nation Donald Trump has proven to be. That is not a derogatory comment, as I would desire the same type of speech patterns as used by Abraham Lincoln with monosyllables and step-by-step logic building. Visual imagery with a focused and continual message will create an effect, just like ad campaigns do at election time, or car sales do when tax rebate season occurs.

The alternative to making such an all-out effort is the continued erosion of our democracy by those who truly are not aware of what they do not know.

And so it goes.

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