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Historic Second Trump Impeachment Makes Memorable Front Pages Of Newspapers

January 14, 2021

Never in my memory has the front pages of newspapers, following a major and momentous event, had such a rich diversity of images and formats when writing the first narrative of history as we witness today. I have an interest in newspapers dating back to my childhood when the Stevens Point Journal arrived daily in the mailbox. Over the decades I have sought out for viewing the front pages of papers, as it is a clear barometer on how the news was not only presented, but understood. Today I was truly amazed at how varied with photos, headlines, and in some cases formats the newspapers reported the news of Donald Trump’s second impeachment. In over 14 years this blog has existed I have often posted the front pages so to explain a story or showcase the national mood. Today’s effort is the longest such post as the front pages below demand to be seen and placed in our national conversations.

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